Effective Internet Marketing

Website traffic improvements created by Ascent Web Designs for a client.



Search Engine Optimization is used to attract new potential clients to a web site. A successful optimization program places a website within the first few pages of results for a specific search.

This chart depicts the actual traffic growth generated for a client’s web site within a month. We customize our resources to fit your budget and your needs.

Why use search engine marketing?

  • People most often find products and services through search engines and online directories.
  • Search engine marketing can be more effective and less expensive than traditional marketing campaigns, such as newspaper and magazine ads, mailers, and radio and television promotions.
  • A search engine marketing campaign is very flexible and easily adapted to specific budgets and needs.

Internal or On-Page search engine optimization

A search engine optimization campaign starts with "On-Page" optimization.

  • We analyze the most popular key words and phrases related to your business, and provide an "optimal" list of terms that are highly searched but not overused by competitors.
  • You can add the new key words and phrases to their own content, or let us imbed them for you.
  • We insert into each web page unique search engine friendly tags, titles, descriptions and links.
  • Once your web site is optimized, we submit it to over 300 search engines and directories including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.
  • If you are too busy, we build additional content to increase visitor interest.

External optimization with content development

As part of our online marketing campaign, we bring visitors from selected directories and online market leaders. We also place your business in your local map, to be found in Google and Yahoo local searches. For clients with low to medium online marketing competition, a search-engine optimization campaign may succeed at this point. Their web sites can appear within the first pages of popular search engines’ results without further expense. These sites will maintain their high placement until competitors choose more aggressive optimization campaigns. If more aggressive optimization is needed, we develop additional content and help draw visitors from various specialized blogs, social sites and other mediums available.

Commercial search engine services

We offer pay-per-click and local directory services provided by Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and other popular search engines. We provide their services and our guidance to improve your internet marketing campaign.

Free web site analysis

The hosting companies we recommend provides web site popularity analysis, including referring search engines, keywords and key phrases used by visitors to find you. They also provide other variables used to help you monitor and improve your internet marketing program.  We also set up Google Analytics and other tools to monitor the progress of each online marketing campaign.

Once you attract new visitors, how do you keep their interest?

At Ascent Web Designs, we combine search engine ranking with professional website development to keep your new visitors once they find you. Through the combination of an attractive, visitor-friendly design, with an effective internet marketing program, a good website will increase your clientele.

Search Engine Optimization Prices

We provide flexible optimization package to fit your needs. Contact us for more information.